Artist Facilitator and Visual Arts InstructorTeaching

I have been working professionally over the past 15 years teaching and facilitating a variety of different classes/courses, workshops and camps across the Greater Toronto Area.

I started my career at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery in my hometown of Oshawa On. Joining the team as a studio assistant I soon began teaching kids classes and moved on to summer camps. During this time I also assisted established artist educator Wendy Wallace in an Ontario Arts Council grant for Artists in Education. Wendy acted as a mentor for me all while working with students in the classroom.

I then moved to Toronto to attend the OCAD University. While there I began working at the Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club. Starting with an after school program, funded by the United Way of Toronto, my role with the club grew to take on summer camp programming and outreach programs at the Perth Randolph Drop-in Centre.

During my time at OCAD University I also took on the role of Studio Monitor in the Printmaking Department. Furthering my involvement in the arts community while at school I became a volunteer student ambassador as an upper year student providing support to first year students.

I was then able to use my teaching experience in my role at The Living Arts Centre in Mississauga. Working in the Studio Arts Department I was onsite in the case of instructor absence was able to jump in and take over teaching when needed.

Growing from there I joined  joined the community arts charity Art Starts. Not wanting to lose my ties with The Living Arts Centre I stayed on part-time as a visual arts instructor. There I have been teaching a variety of printmaking, textile and general arts based workshops. At Art Starts I made strides in my administrative/operational role but still found time to facilitate programs in the community in everything from printmaking to culinary arts.

Since joining the inPrint Collective in 2010 I have also been working towards workshops and community programming in everything from co-ordinating our all night Nuit Blanche interactive project to participating in Culture Days activities to facilitating bookbinding workshops at the Graven Feather Studio and Gallery and more.

More recently I have grown into my current role as Program Manager at the Local Art Service Organization Lakeshore Arts. Living in the same South Etobicoke community I had started building my relationship with the org, years previous facilitating as part of their Youth Arts Movement program. When the opportunity arose for me to switch my career focus back to programing from administration and to be able to do that for the community I lived in, I couldn’t pass it up.

While I still find time to teach and facilitate, I have used my platform to mentor, train and provide opportunities for youth artists to grow into art educators and pass along my experience. Using the philosophy of “Each one teach one” I do my best to empower all those I work with with new skills and opportunities to grow.

If you’re looking for advice, opportunities or mentorship don’t hesitate to drop me a line at